Is anyone out there?
Tenpou - waiting in the sakura

hi ya. just wanted everyone to know that there are only 2 entries, & they're mine.

our first challenge is extended through this week.

Week 1: Beginning - Submission
Saiyuki - got gaiden?

My apologies for the delay. real life had to come first.

Now .... we'll start gaiden_awards begin where saiyuki_awards ended


This theme is open to interpretation, be it through imagery or text. Some synonyms for begin/beginning can be found here.

everything Saiyuki related is welcome: Gaiden, Saiyuki, Reload, Reload Blast, Ibun (Koumyo Sanzo's series)

You can submit 3 icons. Submissions should look like this:

sanzo_contest movie titles 1


If you have any questions, feel free to ask through a message or in this thread.

Submission are due by Saturday February 4th, 20:00 UTC.


Mod Note: Welcome
tokidoki tokyo beauty

Hi. Since saiyuki_awards closed, I've missed creating and voting for Saiyuki icons. It was fun seeing others take on a theme. To remedy this void, I created this community.

Welcome to Gaiden Awards, the new saiyuki icon contest community.

I'm new to moderating a community, so please bear with me while I work out kinks. I'll post the first challenge either later today or tomorrow.


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